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Title and Settlement Services

OnPoint Title is a premier provider of title insurance for realtors, lenders, attorneys, and homebuyers in New Jersey.

We go above and beyond to deliver on all of your personal or professional needs through comprehensive protection options, innovative tools, and a full suite of title services.

Total-State Coverage

Whether you want basic title insurance or extra protection, our agents will help you find the best coverage for your real estate investment so you can move forward with no regrets.


Title insurance is a proven way to eliminate risk and prevent loss when you’re buying or selling real estate. Leverage our tools and expertise to safeguard your next residential or commercial property.

Streamlined Settlements

Get to settlement day knowing your investment is safe, the real estate transaction is secure, and there are no title issues or defects to delay the process.


We do all the legwork in the settlement process. We’ll prepare your settlement statements, submit any pertinent documents on your behalf, and facilitate the safe transfer of funds when it’s time.

Enhanced Closing Experience

No one likes unexpected surprises – especially when there is money on the line. Work with our title experts to get to closing day without any unfinished business.


Our agents will help ensure closing contingencies have been met, there is no outstanding paperwork, and all necessary signatures have been acquired so you can seal the deal on time.

Partner With Our Title Professionals

There's strength in numbers – take advantage of our agency partnerships to boost your success during real estate transactions.


Our agency partnerships allow you to manage your own clients and involvement. Benefit from our diverse team and automation tools to bring down overhead costs, make more sales, maximize revenue.

Our Clients

OnPoint Title serves realtors, homebuyers, lenders, and attorneys in New Jersey who need quick, reliable title and settlement services. Our clients understand the importance of title insurance and aren’t willing to put their investment or reputation at risk. Take the next big step in your life or career by working with a title insurance company that has a proven track record of success.


We work with forward-thinking agents who want to systemize the settlement process and get their clients to closing day faster while safely growing their business.


We offer homebuyers flexible and affordable residential title insurance so they can buy or sell a home without worrying about their investment.


We protect lenders from title problems and defects that can lead to potential losses so they can secure their interest in both residential and commercial properties.


We work with attorneys to defend their clients, from owners who want to clear title to lenders who need to remove a lien, so everybody comes out a winner.

Tools to Get the Job Done

Our leading title tools make it easy to access data quickly and cater to on-the-go clients. From online portals to secure your most important documents to seller net sheets to estimate closing costs, we’re here to make your next real estate transaction a breeze.

Find out how myTitleVault, TitleCapture, and our Mortgage Calculator work together to make moving up in life that much easier.


Keep your documents secure and clients happy with myTitleVault by Accutitle. Use our built-in tools to get quotes, manage transactions, check the status of a file, place orders, and communicate quickly.

Mortgage Calculator

Spend less time crunching the numbers and more time focused on the success of your clients. Use our free mortgage calculator to bring down the margin of error and start marking a plan for the future.

Preferred Underwriters


We are backed by a network of reputable underwriters to help us meet all your insurance, loan, and mortgage needs. We continually grow this network to provide our clients with the most value possible.

Our Background

OnPoint Title provides advanced technology and state-wide coverage in New Jersey, from Middlesex and Bergen to Somerset and Monmouth. Our title professionals have extensive title and real estate experience to help you stay agile in today’s ever-changing market.

We specialize in both standard and enhanced insurance policies to meet you where you’re at in your life and business. Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or trying to enter the commercial real estate space, we offer competitive protection to help you achieve your goals.


Meet OnPoint’s Brianna Nelson, President

Brianna is an experienced settle processor who started in the industry right after college. She is fluent in all things title and well-known for her work with attorneys and lenders. Brianna puts an emphasis on customer service and educating our clients on the importance of title insurance. From clearing title to balancing closing disclosures, she is a valuable asset to any individual or business navigating through the real estate market.

We’re Here to Help

OnPoint Title is committed to the ongoing success of our clients. Find out how our title agents can help you achieve the American Dream, one good decision at time

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